7 Best Tips for Spouse Partner Visa 820 & 801 to Australia

7 best tips for spouse visa to AustraliaThe application for spouse, partner visa subclass 820 and subclass 801 to Australia can be submitted online or by completing the printed application forms. However, it is faster and more efficient to apply online using your ImmAccount. The best thing about applying online is as soon as you complete the form and pay the processing fee, you will receive the acknowledgement and bridging visa by email almost immediately. Whereas when you send your application by post, you will have to wait for acknowledgement and bridging visa to arrive. You can also upload documents at your own convenience to support your application. Here I will give some best tips ever to enable you to submit subclass 820 and 801 application online without any problems.

1. Gather Documents and Your Credit Card

You will need all the required documents and your credit card information ready so that you can fill out the online application form. You will be required to fill in the information before you can go to next section. You can come back to the previous section and correct the information if you made any mistake.

2. Print Application Form and Complete it

It may sound some additional work specially when you are going to using online application system. However, if will save your time because you have already filled the information which you require for online form.

3. Scanning Supporting Documents

You will be allowed to upload all the supporting documents once you have completed the form and made the payment by credit card. Scanning and saving the documents in digital format is required when you upload the documents. So it might be good idea to scan and save all the supporting documents on your computer before you start the process. If a document is more than one page then add all the pages to the same pdf file instead of saving each page of a document separately.

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4. Uploading Documents

Once you have completed the application and made the payment, you will be able to upload the documents in the evidence section for you and your sponsor. However, if you uploaded the documents as allowed in the evidence section and you still need to attach more documents, then you use the link on the right hand side of the page to attach more documents. Just use that link and upload more documents. These documents should appear in the list of submitted documents in about 24-48 hours.

5. Certified Copies of Supporting Documents:

When you submit your application using paper forms, you will be required to submit certified copies of the supporting documents. However, when you are applying online, you can submit coloured scanned copies of the documents without needing to be certified.

6. Form 888 Statutory declaration by two supporting witnesses:

The online application form has the section to enter the information about the witnesses to attest your relationship. However, you must download the Form 888 and print it. Complete the form and attach the scanned copy in the evidence section where it asks to upload Form 888.relationship.

7. Photographs:

For paper application, you need to submit photographs with your name at the back. However, you can upload the front of the photograph and not worry about the back with name.

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