What is Difference Between Australia Subclass 309 & 820 Spouse Visa?

What is Difference Between Australia Subclass 309 & 820 Spouse Visa?Spouse, Partner Temporary Visa to Australia Subclass 309 is for spouse or partner who is residing outside Australia at the time of lodging the application as well as when the final decision is made. The key fact is that spouse or de facto (same sex partner) is living abroad when the application is submitted. The application is processed at the Australia visa office abroad in the country of residence of the spouse or partner. Once the application for subclass 309 visa is approved, the spouse and partner then can travel to Australia using the visa to live with spouse or partner temporarily. The spouse can live permanently after approval of Subclass 300 permanent resident visa application.

Spouse Partner Temporary visa to Australia Subclass 820 is for those partners or spouses who have already entered Australia on a valid visa and switching to temporary Subclass 820 and permanent subclass 801 visa. The spouse or partner must be living in Australia at the time of submitting subclass 820 visa application and when the decision is made on the application. Subclass 820 temporary resident visa for spouse and partner allows them to continue living in Australia with their spouses and partners. Subclass 801 in this case will allow the spouse and partners to live permanently after approval. Both the applications are submitted at the same time, however, subclass 801 application is processed after two years of approval of subclass 820 application.

If you are living outside of Australia use Australia temporary residence visa subclass 309 and Australia Permanent residence subclass 300 application for spouse and partners. If you are living in Australia then use subclass 820 and subclass 801 application package.

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If you want your fiance to come to Australia so that you can get married in Australia then you will be using Prospect Marriage Visa to Australia Subclass 300 application.


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