Beware of Canada eTA Scam Websites

Canada eTA fraudCanada is changing the rules for nationals of those countries who did not previously need visa to fly to Canada. The new visa rules will require those foreign nationals to apply for electronic travel authorization online by paying a processing fee of $7. The eTA will be valid for 5 years or the validity of the passport. You can learn more about how to apply for Canada eTA here.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada has posted warning on its website to beware of the scammers who have created fake websites to apply for eTA online. Some has the application form on their site asking personal information including the credit card information. Some are claiming to be provide service to obtain eTA for a service charge.

Please note that the only CIC website is the official website to apply for Canada eTA online.

While searching online for eTA website, I came across a site called It makes you believe that you are applying for Canada eTA and ask you to provide your credit card information. This site is fake and no one should ever provide their personal information.

There is no contact information on the website. It asks the applicant to input the credit card information without even providing the amount for which the payment is being made.

Here is another website you should avoid It looks more professional but not authorized to provide services related to Canada eTA.

The best way to avoid scam is to stay away from these websites and go directly to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website to apply for Canada eTA online.

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If you know any other website that is offering Canada eTA services and asking for credit card information, please share those in the comments.




    They charged us 85.00 USD and didn’t supply a Visa. We only read this article once we realized something was up. Dang! Opened a dispute with the credit card company but these guys did a good job of covering their asses. Probably won’t get it back.


    I accidentally applied for an ETA via this website. Fortunately I could pay via Paypal so I didn’t give them my credit card details. However they still have my friend’s and my passport details and other personal details. I am worried what they will do with this information.
    They did put the ETA application through on the official CIC website. I have checked it on the CIC website and the ETA application has officially been approved.

    I just find it morally wrong of Google to put all these application websites on top of their list. There are so many of them. It is the first time ever I am misled by a website thinking it was the official website. Feel a bit stupid. Hope my details won’t be used for any illegal transactions. Seriously thinking of getting a new passport after my holiday in Canada. It will cost me even more money but I will feel more secure.

    • Sanj Pancholi on

      My Dad, recently got nabbed by Dad made the transaction in good faith thinking the site was legit. Then bang once he entered his details on thewebsite he knew something was up. The bank were as good as a chocolate teapot and they weren’t in the slight bit interested in Dad’s issue. Really hope these scum don’t pull a fast one.

      • Same thing has just happened to me. How much was charged and what was done about the passport information?

  3. is another one. They are also the top Google advertised site when Canada eTA is searched. They reside in Bulgaria. AVOID!


    is another scam beware they charge $45 dollars per person via PayPal! They have only an email contact I realised its a scam few minitues after the application and wrote to the email address repeatedly got no reply I contacted PayPal the open an investigation with back and forth updates. I never received the visa nor got a reply from the seller
    Finally papal closed the case saying
    The seller “dfinder” has provided shipment “tracking information” !! in response to your claim. We used the shipping company’s online tracking service and found that the item was “delivered” to you. As a result, this case has been closed in favour of your seller!
    What tracking information or delivery they are talking about when it’s supposed to be an immediate authorisation by email !!!
    Please help

  5. Hi I have been scammed by this company thought I was paying 7$… Paid by credit card.. When I got my credit card statement it said £61.47 .. Been in touch with card provider they aren’t interested.. Spoke to Canadian affair they aren’t interested tough you have been scammed… So how can I check if this eta is on my passport.?

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