International Experience Canada Visa Program for Young Australians

International Experience Canada for AustraliansInternational Experience Canada Visa Program enables young Australians to gain valuable experience in Canada through travel and work. The program is designed to provide young Australians the experience of Canadian life by living and working in Canada on a work permit valid for up to 24 months. The good thing about the International Experience Canada is that applicants many not even need an employment offer before leaving Australia in some cases. It is a good way of having fun while traveling across Canada, adding some international experience to professional resume, or doing co-op internship in Canada.

Assessment Process:

The applicants are assessed in following two stages:

  • IEC Assessment: Stage 1 is conducted completely online through an IEC Kompass account to determine whether you meet the IEC eligibility criteria. All supporting documents must be submitted electronically through your IEC Kompass account.
  • If your application is accepted at stage 1, an IEC conditional acceptance letter will be sent to you. In order to begin step 2, you will then be directed to submit an application for a work permit to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and your application will be assessed in accordance with Canadian immigration law and regulations.

Categories and Quota:

There are three categories under the International Experience Canada:

Working Holiday: The working holiday visa allows Australians of ages from 18 to 30 years to travel to Canada and work in areas of tourism and hospitality, retail, trades, engineering, administration, business and all other professions. Prior job offer is not required and applicant is allowed to work for any employer for a maximum period of 24 months.

Young Professionals:
It provides an opportunity to the Australians to add international work experience to their resume. They can work in the areas of science, law, education, commerce, finance, communications, administration and business, and others. However, they must obtain a job offer and work for the same employer in Canada. There are usually100 places for Young Professionals each year.

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International Co-Op: Students enrolled in Australia seeking to gain international co-op experience can avail this option. The students can work in the areas including science, law, education, commerce, finance, communications, administration and business, and others. They must obtain job offer before applying for International Experience Canada. There are 50 places for International Co-op every year.

Canada has bilateral agreement with Spain for International experience program.


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