Top 5 Red Flags for Sponsoring Spouse to Canada

Top 5 Red Flags for Sponsoring Spouse to CanadaCanadian citizens and permanent residents who had to sponsor their spouses so that they can live together happily ever after in Canada know that they have to provide lots of documents and pictures to prove that their relationship is not bogus and only for the sole purpose of getting Canadian immigration. In many cases the applications have been rejected by the Canadian immigration officials even if the couple have been married for many years and were genuinely engaged in marital relationship just because the pictures of the wedding raised red flag.

Canadian immigration officials are trained to look for red flags when assessing the application for spouse sponsorship. If they find any thing which cause concern on the genuineness of the marriage, the outcome may result in no other than refusal. The following are the top 5 red flags when it comes to assessment of the Canada spouse sponsorship applications:

1. Parents not present at Wedding:

Well if unfortunately the parents are not alive then it is not concern, however, absence of parents of bride and groom from the wedding ceremony is considered a big red flag and raise serious concern whether the relationship is genuine or not. Parents must be present during the wedding ceremony along with other family members and friends at one of the most important event of one’s life. Fewer guests also is a red flag.

2. Not kissing on lips

Traditionally the newly wed husband and wife will kiss on the lips as part of the wedding ceremony. The immigration officials are told if the couple are not kissing on the lips in the pictures, then dig deeper into the application before deciding if it meets the requirements of the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

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3. Wearing same dress on different occasions

If the bride and/or groom are using the same outfit during the different events of the marriage, it is also a red flag. The couple staging the wedding to receive the Canadian immigration only might not spend money to buy outfits to wear on different occasions. The immigration officials do look at the pictures closely and any such similarity would raise the red flag.

4. No Time for Honeymoon

Some couple would give an excuse for not going on honeymoon after marriage that they did not have enough time to do so. Some would say they were busy in their university or college studying hard for their degree. Well it is seen as a red flag when it comes to spouse sponsoring application for Canada permanent residence.

5. Uneducated/Low income sponsor

The Canadian Immigration and Refugee Act does not require higher earning by the person sponsoring spouse for Canadian immigration. However, if the sponsor is uneducated with either very low income or on welfare then immigration official may not take much time to make up their mind for a rejection of the application. The sponsor might have received money so that sponsored person can enter Canada for immigration purpose.

There are many other red flags that can result in the rejection of the Canadian spousal sponsorship application. But the above top 5 are most likely the cause of concern and question the genuineness of the marital relationship.


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