What is Express Entry program for Canada immigration?

 What is Express Entry program for Canada immigration?Citizenship and Immigration Canada has introduced a new immigration system for foreign skilled workers starting from January 1, 2015. Foreign professionals meeting the eligibility criteria must first fill out application allowing them to become a member of a pool. The profiles of the potential immigrants are ranked against other foreign professionals. The foreign nationals will receive invitation to apply for Canada immigration by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada if their profiles are among the top ranked. The foreign nationals will require to meet the following basic criteria to become eligible to submit their application in the employee’s pool.

  • English and/or French language skills,
  • education,
  • work experience, and
  • other factors that have been shown to help newcomers prosper in Canada.

The applicants of the following immigration programs will be required to use the Express Entry program in order to come and live in Canada as permanent residents: You must use Express Entry if you want to apply:

  • under the Federal Skilled Worker Program,
  • under the Federal Skilled Trades Program,
  • under the Canadian Experience Class, or
  • as a provincial nominee, in some cases.

You will create your profile using the instructions to create a MyCIC account so that you can submit your profile online. However, you must take language test, and your educational credentials assessed before you can create your profile. You will also need your passport.

You will receive the invitation to apply for Canada permanent residence if you get a job offer or nominated by a province.

The invited foreign nationals then have 60 days to submit their application for permanent residence by filling out the online application. The application of the invited foreign nationals will be processed in six months or less from the date the complete application is received by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

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