How to Ask for Administrative Review of UK Visa Refusal in Pakistan?

How to Ask for Administrative Review of UK Visa Refusal in Pakistan?You applied for UK visit visa in Pakistan and were very confident that your application will be approved. However, you are shocked to receive a refusal decision from the visa officer. You believed that you fulfilled all the requirements for UK entry visa and the refusal decision must be a mistake. Can you do anything about it? Can you submit an application to reconsider the decision? The answer is yes, you can ask for administrative review of UK visa refusal decision. You will learn here how to apply for administrative review when you have applied for UK visa in Pakistan.

You received a UK visa refusal letter from your UK High Commission in Islamabad explaining the reason(s) for denying your application to enter UK. You will also receive application form to file an administrative review against the negative decision if administrative review is allowed. You must fill that application form and send it within 28 days for reconsideration of the refusal decision.

Who Can Ask for Administrative Review?

You can only ask for an administrative review if all of the following apply:

  • you live in Pakistan
  • you applied for UK visa in Pakistan
  • your application was refused on or after 6 April 2015
  • you don’t have a right of appeal against the refusal
  • you didn’t make an application as a visitor or a short term student

How to apply

You must apply for an administrative review within 28 days of getting the decision.

You must:

  • fill in the administrative review application form sent with your application refusal letter – enter the reasons for refusal that are on your refusal letter, and say why you think a mistake was made
  • post the completed form to the address on the application refusal letter or take it to the address in person
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How Long Does It Take to Receive Decision?

It usually take about 28 days in which your request for administrative review is checked for errors/mistakes you have pointed out in the request and you receive the final decision.

Can I apply for Second Review?

You cannot apply for second review if your first request to review is denied. If you have new evidence and documents to support your application, you must submit a new application for UK visa.

Can I withdraw my application before decision?

Yes you can withdraw your application for administrative review. You can make the request for administrative review at UK visa office in Pakistan.You must include your name, date of birth, nationality and either your administrative review payment reference number or Home Office reference number.

Your request for an administrative review will be withdrawn (cancelled) if you make any other immigration or visa application.

Your request will be rejected if you ask for a review of a previous decision after submitting a new application.

Please note that this process for requesting an administrative review only for those foreign nationals how are living in Pakistan.


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