2 Minutes Guide to US Visa (I) for Representative of Foreign Media

foeign media visa IThe United States Of America offers visa I to employees, representatives and agents of any media organizations that exists in any country outside the US to come, stay and work for a limited period of time. The important thing to note here is that this is a non-immigrant visa and no visa holder can, by any means, claim to obtain permanent residency or immigration in America at any stay.

This visa is applicable on all media categories like press, TV, radio, film etc. However, it is keenly determined whether the role and position of an applicant qualifies to be called as representative of a media organization in true sense, and preference is given to only key media positions like reporters, editors, correspondents, film crew, anchors, writers and producers etc. During visa interview, the resident US consulate makes it sure that the role a candidate is claiming to have is purely a journalistic role and it has some valuable contribution in the prospective media organization.

The visa I is open for all countries. Any citizen, who represents any media organization or is self-occupied as a freelance journalist, can apply.

The most important requirement for this visa is that an applicant needs to demonstrate that he/she will solely engage in his/her professional during stay in America and work to perform the specific tasks he/she is assigned by the media organization. The visa I holders cannot work in any other field or deviate from their assignments.

The application for visa I can be submitted in the local US consulate which can also demand the visa processing feel or any other charges as prescribed by the US department of stay. With application, a candidate has to provide the proof of his/her permanent residence in homeland.

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For a journalist of any country or any media organization to travel to the US and practice his/her profession, obtaining visa I is mandatory. This rule is also applicable on the courtiers that come under the US Visa Waiver Program. A person, arriving on any other visa classification, cannot work in the field of journalism in America. If a journalist tries to fly to the US with visa I, he/she might be stopped to enter by the department of homeland security.

Before any visa I holder’s entry to the US, an official of Customs And Border Protection stamps the Form I-94 to determine his/her legal period of stay as per the tasks and assignments mentioned in visa application. However, this period can be increased or decreased depending upon the nature of any assignment.

If a person, staying in the US on any other nonimmigrant visa classification, wishes to be transferred to visa I or a visa I holder wants to quit his/her media organization, they need to fill up the Form I-539, Application To Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status, and submit all required fees along with providing the evidence of employment in the current or new media organization.

A visa I holder can carry his/her family that includes spouse and children under the age of 21 but all the migrating members must obtain I visas separately. The accompanying spouse and children cannot be able to work and earn in the US, however, they can study in any academic institute without even applying for the F-1 non-immigrant student visa. If a visa I holder does not carry his/her spouse and children and they only want to visit to the US on vacations etc, they do not need to get I visa separately. They can either visit on B-2 non-immigrant visa or enjoy the US’ visa waiver program provided they are the citizens of the countries that enjoy this immunity.

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So, the visa I enables all eligible, professional and regular journalists of all nations to fly to the US and explore their skills over there. Visiting to America as a journalist is always an amazing and significant experience and it counts a lot in a media man’s professional life.

So, if you are a journalist and represent a credible and legal media organization in your country, come and catch this good opportunity which may open many horizons of success for you. America is a heaven for the professionals working in communication and information industry.


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