How My Arrests in Past Impact New F1 Study Visa to United States?

Adriano lived in the United States for 10 years on different visa status and then voluntarily left the country about one year ago. He came with his parents who had H1B visa. When Adriano turned 21, he changed his status from H4 to F1 as he was studying in a college at that time. His parents left the country and now live in their home country.

Adriano while studying was arrested and charged with felony drug possession. However, he qualified for Deferred Entry Judgement (DEJ) program aimed towards individuals convicted for use and or possession of illegal substances, and entered a plea of guilty. The judgment is put aside upon successful completion of the DEJ requirements. So that there was no conviction on record after completing the DEJ program.

He was arrested second time for possessing prescription medication and a knife. Being in a different county this time, he once again qualified for the DEJ program. After completing the DEJ program there was no conviction on record as the charges of possession of knife were dropped.

He left United States voluntarily after the second incident as he wanted to have some break from studies and his activities which were bringing him into the trouble.

Adriano has no conviction on record but he was arrested twice. He is applying for F1 visa to the United States so that he can continue his studies to complete his degree. He is worried that his arrests will cause trouble and he might be denied entry into the United States.

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