How to Find Doctor in USA for Green Card?

Find doctor for I-693 Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination RecordIf you are in the United States and applying for Green Card for adjustment of your status, you will need to go through a medical examination by a doctor who is authorized by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

In order to facilitate the Green Card applicants, USCIS has now launched a handy tool which help them to find a medical doctor closets to their location just by entering the ZIP code and you will be provided with list of civil surgeons near your area.

However, you should not forget to bring with you the necessary documentations required by the civil surgeon along with the form I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record. The medical examination fee would vary so it would be a good idea to check for the actual fee with the doctor’s office before going for examination. Following is the checklist of the documents and forms you would require for the medical examination required to support your application for Green Card.

  1. Form I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record
  2. Government-issued photo identification, such as a valid passport or driver’s license. If you are 14 years old or younger, bring identification that shows your name, date and place of birth and parent’s full name. Possible forms of identification include your birth certificate (with an English translation) or an affidavit.
  3. Vaccination or immunization record (such as DT, DTP, DTaP, Td, Tdap, OPV, IPV, MMR, Hib, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, varicella, pneumococcal influenza, rotavirus and meningococcal disease)
  4. Medical insurance card (check with the doctor’s office to make sure the office accepts your medical plan)
  5. Payment (check with the doctor’s office about acceptable forms of payment).
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The civil surgeon will sign and seal the Form I-693 in an envelope after the medical examination so that you can submit the sealed report to USCIS. You must ask the doctor to provide you the copy for your own records as you cannot open the sealed envelop later to make the copy.


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