Is Family Visa USA for you?

Sponsor-a-Spouse for-Canadian-Permanent-ResidenceWhat is family visa?
Family visas refer to the visa classifications which enable the reunion of the members of a family by allowing an expat turned US citizen to sponsor any of his/her relatives to come and live in America. The family visa can be of temporary nature or it may lead to the pursuit of permanent residence in the land of opportunities.

Who can file petition for family visa?
Any foreigner who has managed to get the US green card and is regarded as the US citizen can be eligible to file out a petition or multiple petitions with the USCIS for sponsoring his/her family members’ arrival to the US.

Who can apply for family visa?
If any of your close relative lives in the US as a citizen and he/she is ready to sponsor you, you can easily apply for the family visa. There are different types of family visas and they vary from relation to relation. Anyways, if you US-based relative has filled a visa petition for you and that petition is approved, you can go to your resident US consulate and file your visa application.

Categories of family visas:
There are available different categories of family visas and you may pick the one depending upon your relation with the petitioner. If you are spouse, children (sons and daughters, married and unmarried), parents or siblings of the petitioner, you can be eligible for the permanent residence visa or the US Green Card. If you are a fiancé and you have children too, you will be considered for the fiancé visa. If you are an alien spouse or alien children of the spouse of petitioner, you will only be considered for K-3 and K-4 nonimmigrant visas.

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Relevant visa petition forms:
For real spouse and real children, you will fill up Form I-130 (petition for alien relative), Form I-485 (application to register permanent residence or adjust status) and Form I-864 (affidavit of support). For fiancé and the children of fiancé, you will fill the Form I-129F (petition for alien fiancé). For your alien spouse and his/her children, you will file petition on the Form I-129F and Form I-130.

Type of relatives:
The US family visa process divides relatives in two types including immediate relatives and other family members. He immediate relatives include spouses, children (both married and unmarried) and parents. The visas for the immediate relatives are always available with the USCIS. If you want bring in any of your immediate relatives, you do not need to wait long to get your petition and application approved. You can get your visa process done within days just.

In the category of other family members, there include several persons who are further classified on preference basis. The first preference is given to the unmarried and adult sons and daughters of the US citizens. The second preference is given to the married sons and daughters while the last preference is given to the brothers and sisters.

General visa information:
If your family member for whom you are going to file a petition, is already staying in the US on a temporary visa, the US visa authorities will readjust his/her status to the immigrant family visas. If your sponsored relative is outside the US, your petition will be moved to the National Visa Center which will forward this to the relevant US consulate. The consulate will evaluate the petition and, when there is available a visa, will notify your relative how to proceed.

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The preference category of your relative will determine how long the visa process will take to complete. Each category takes different during of time.

If you are a part of the American military and you want to sponsor any of your relatives who are outside the US, some special conditions apply over you. In such cases, you will not have to go through the extensive visa process mentioned above.

The Last Word:
Getting a US family visa is not a difficult thing at all. The only thing you need is the initiative and you will be able to get united with your family. Avail this opportunity and bring your relatives near you once for all.



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