My Brother Sponsored my Green Card. Can he Deport me?

My Brother Sponsored my Green Card. Can he Deport me?My name is Noor and I am in the United States for past three year on Green Card. My older brother sponsored me and our youngest sibling. After arriving in the United States I started working at a fast food restaurant and been working there since then. I have met a decent man and intend to marry him so that I can spent rest of my life with him. I told my older brother about the man who I love. My brother got angry and told me to stop seeing that person and there was no way he would allow me to marry him due to our cultural values. When I refused to listen to him and insisted on marrying the guy I love, my brother got so angry and frustrated that he threatened me to send back to my country if I did not do what he said. He said that he would contact the immigration official and tell them that he is canceling the sponsorship and want me to get deported.

I love my brother very much but I do not want to lose the person I believe is perfect match for me at the same time. I am confused after my brother threaten my with deportation. Is it actually possible that he can ask the immigration officials to deport me?

The truth is your brother is not in a position or authority to deport you. He has sponsored you to come and live in the United States but he cannot send you back unless you want to go back.

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  1. J have my beautiful brother from the usa 10 ans il a la nationalité ,now he wants to sponsor his brother who is in Algeria, jaimerai how much to expect ,Thank you for answering me

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