US Visa P3 for Culturally Unique Artist/Entertainer

The United States P-3 visa is meant for those artists and entertainers who want to come to the US individually or as a group to represent, interpret or coach a special and unique cultural ritual or art. Unlike the P-2 type, this is not a reciprocal visa. It only allows the inflow of creative, well-accomplished and well-recognized artists.

The main condition for this visa is that the artists or entertainer, who applies, should have command over some unique cultural, ethnic, musical or theatrical genre and purpose of his/her arrival to the US should be to entertain and enhance the knowledge of arts of the Americans. The program he/she is coming to participate in can be of both commercial and noncommercial nature.

Same like P-1 and P-2 visas, a US employer, an agent or some sponsoring organization needs to file a visa petition by filling the Form I-129. The visa petition should contain all necessary information, the artist’s credentials, the purpose of his/her arrival, the detail of the event and description how the cultural performance, the artist is coming to deliver, is unique or specific to a foreign culture.

If the petitioner is an agent and representing multiple employers, he/she will have to prove to the USCIS to be fully authorized to do this.

The supporting documents along with Form I-129 will include:

  • The written consultation of an appropriate labor organization.
  • A copy of the agreement inked between the petitioner and the beneficiary that might be a renowned artists or a group of different artists from any foreign country.
  • A complete and thorough explanation of the event.
  • Affidavits and testimonials from different experts to prove that authenticity and cultural uniqueness of the event and the performances that the foreign artists are coming to deliver in that event.
  • Documentation that all the performances and presentations will be culturally unique.
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The primary period of stay under the P-3 visa is one year or the time that event will take, but an extension of a year can be granted provided the event is not completed in time. For the extension, the petitioner will have to submit another request along with the Form I-129 with the USCIS.

During their stay in the US, the artists can change their employers provided the new employer is ready to fill up the Form I-129 to prove that it is offering a job or employment to the beneficiary.

The spouses and children under the age of 21 can accompany the artists by getting P-4 visas, but they are not allowed to engage in any form of employment or earning activity over here. They can take admissions and pursue their studies in any of the American institute.

The essential support persons that may include coaches, scouts and trainers an also accompany the artists through separate P-3 visas. But in order to get their visa application approved, they need to prove that they have some essential roles to play in the performance of the artist they are accompanying.

So, it is established that the P-3 visas are offered with the purpose of enhancing cultural diversity in the US. When the representatives of different foreign cultures come to America and present their unique rituals and artistic features, the locals are greatly amused along with getting educated about the living styles, histories, religions and languages of different ethnic groups that exist on this planet.

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On the other hand, the foreign artists and entertainers get an opportunity and a platform to demonstrate their art works and cultural richness at international level to earn great repute and worldwide acclamation.

So, if you are a worthy artists or you run a theatrical or musical group that you have made some fabulous achievements of international standards and you represent some unique and rich culture, you must contact to some US employer or organization to get P-3 visas and fly to America to show off you capabilities and skills to millions of art and fun lovers. Beware that you should not pay any charges or fees to any agent or employer other than the visa processing fees as set by the US department of state.


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