How to Apply for Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485)?

How to Apply for Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485)?You are international student who have completed education from an Australian university or college and now you have to apply for Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) in order to continue to remain in Australia. Following are the steps which are involved in the Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) application process.

You can either apply online or submit a paper application. You will need to provide necessary information and supporting documents along with the processing fee to submit your application for Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485).

1. Prepare your documents

You need to provide documents to prove the claims you make in the application. The documents are listed in the Document checklist.

2. Lodge your application online

You can apply for this visa online using:

Provide all relevant documents and pay the visa application charge when you apply.

You must upload all your documents using ImmiAccount. Do not send copies of documents as attachments by email, fax, mail or any other way.

Lodge your application by post or by courier

To apply by post or courier, use the following form:

Provide all relevant documents and pay the visa application charge when you apply.

Send completed forms and documents by post or courier.

Post (with the correct pre-paid postage):

SA Temporary Graduate Processing Centre
Department of Immigration and Border Protection
GPO Box 2399
Adelaide SA 5001.

SA Temporary Graduate Processing Centre
Department of Immigration and Border Protection
4th Floor
70 Franklin Street
Adelaide SA 5000.

More information

Please refer to preparing your application, for information on certifying and translating documents into English, communicating with us, using a migration agent, authorising another person to receive information from us, and receiving assistance with your application.

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After you have lodged the application and documents, we will let you know that we have received your information.

You can track and manage your application using your ImmiAccount.

Note: If you submitted a paper application you can import your application into ImmiAccount.

Wait for a decision

We have visa processing times for each visa.

Your application could take longer if you need character or health checks (including x-rays), if you need to provide more information, or if your application is incomplete.

Estimated processing times for the Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) are listed under Temporary Graduate visa processing times.

If you apply for this visa in Australia, you could be eligible for a Bridging visa that allows you to stay in the country lawfully while your application is processed. If you are given a Bridging visa A, you can apply for Bridging visa B to travel outside Australia.

Provide more information

You can provide more information to us at any time until a decision is made on the application. If you want to correct information you provided, use:

We could also ask you for more information. You will have to respond by a set date. After that date, we can make a decision about your application using the information that we have.

You might be able to provide additional information, including Form 1023, using ImmiAccount.

If another person gives us information that could result in you being refused a visa, we will usually give you the opportunity to comment on the information.

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You might also be interviewed. If you are asked to attend an interview in person, bring your passport or other identification and any requested documents to the interview.

Report changes in circumstances

Tell us if your circumstances change. This includes a new residential address, a new passport, or a pregnancy, birth, divorce, separation, marriage, de facto relationship or death in your family.

You can use the following forms:

You might be able to update your address and passport details usingImmiAccount.

If you do not provide us with the details of any new passport issued to you, you could experience significant delays at the airport and may be denied permission to board your plane.

Withdrawing your application

You can withdraw the application at any time before we make a decision about it. To do this, send us a letter or email to ask for the withdrawal. Your request must include your full name and date of birth. You should also include your file reference number, client ID, or a Transaction Reference Number.

All applicants 18 years of age or older, wishing to withdraw, must sign the request for withdrawal.

You can scan your signed withdrawal letter and email it to your case officer. If you haven’t been contacted by a case officer yet,


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