My UK Visa was Cancelled at Border, Can I ask for Review?

My UK Visa was Cancelled at Border, Can I ask for Review?You got your UK visa and have arrived to enter UK. Your visa is cancelled. Can you ask for administrative review? If it is possible to request an administrative review of decision to cancel your UK visa at border is stated in the letter which you will receive along with the UK visa cancellation letter.

You’ll be told in your decision letter if you can ask for the decision to cancel your visa to be reviewed. This is known as an ‘administrative review’.

You can ask for the decision to be reviewed if your visa was cancelled for one or more of the following reasons:

  • there has been a change in your circumstances
  • you gave false information
  • you failed to include relevant facts

Apply for administrative review

Your letter will tell you how to apply. It costs £80.

If you were given temporary admission to the UK

You must apply for an administrative review within 14 days of your visa being cancelled or 7 days if you are detained. You need to do this from the UK.

If your visa was cancelled at border controls outside the UK

You must apply for an administrative review within 28 days of your visa being cancelled in any of the following cities:

  • Paris
  • Brussels
  • Dunkirk
  • Coquelles
  • Calais
  • Lille

Get a decision

The decision will be checked for the errors you point out. Don’t send new information or documents unless you’ve been asked to.

You’ll usually receive the result of the administrative review within 28 days. You can’t request a second review (unless the result included new reasons for the cancellation of your leave).

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If you’re in the UK, you won’t usually be removed until your review has been completed.

Withdraw your request

Your request for an administrative review will be withdrawn (cancelled) if you:

  • make any other immigration or visa application
  • ask for your passport back so you can travel
  • leave the UK

Your request will be rejected if you ask for a review of a previous decision after submitting a new application.

You can also email the Home Office and ask for your request to be withdrawn.

You must include your name, date of birth, nationality and either your administrative review payment reference number or Home Office reference number in your email.

In case your visa was denied when you applied from your home country then you should follow a different process explained here. Also the process is different when you are already present in the UK and visa is refused.


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